Sunday: I have been waiting for a long time four this trip and now I am finally on it.  We got on the plane to Melbourne and then spent 2 hours at the airport.  (Sophia Bella Miss Cane and myself ) went around looking at lots of different shops.  I have been to Melbourne airport before but this time we walked around it.  I never knew it was that big. After a long time at the airport we hopped on a plane to Darwin. 

It took forever because it took 4hrs 50 min on the way to Melbourne to Darwin. On the plane we watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." "Dairy of a Wimpy Kid" was a pretty cool movie.

Finally after a long plain trip we were in Darwin.  I could just fill the air change, it was so nice and hot.  We got our bags then caught a bus to where we were staying for the night.  When we were walking into the place we were staying I saw it had nice things like trees etc.  After we settled in we had to go somewhere to get tea.  We went to a roof top restaurant.  I CANT BELIEVE THAT MR.D SPENT $250 DOLLAR ON TEA.  After that we went back to where we were staying and went for a swim, the pool was very nice.  After a long swim we went inside to go to bed because it would be along day on Monday.
We got up in the morning and got dressed and got all our stuff to gather.  Then we went outside and caught a taxi to the ferry to get over to the Tiwi island .  All the water was a nice blue colour when you try to take a photo of the water it wasn't as nice as it look.  It taken 2 hour on the ferry I was pretty fun :) when we got near the Island we could see the children waiting for us.  When we got to the shore we put our luggage in a police car.  Then we hopped in a trooper to get to the school. On the way we stopped at Tiwi college and went for a swim in the lake in our clothes and had something to eat. When we  were on the way to Pularumpi School we stopped on the way because we saw some frill neck lizards on the side of the road.They looked pretty cool the ran on to leg it looked so cool.  When we got back to the school we went into the class room and had free time.  After school has finished we all went for a walk on the beach then then we went for a swim that was fun. After that we got ready to go to a blue light disco . What was funny because they new these col dance what I didn't no and it was cool to watch them dance.  They are very good at dancing. Then we went home and stayed up for a bit then we were going to bed. 

Tue: In the morning we got up to have a big long day ahead of us.  We got ready and went to school.  When we got there we watched a movie on how the Aboriginals lived.  It was pretty cool I liked it.  When the movie finished we hopped in the Troopies and went to Mitjamirra .

That were we were camping for the night .  When we got there we unpacked the Toopies and set up camp for the night.  After we finished we went up to the Love Shack to go fishing (the boys), go for a walk on the beach etc.  When I stepped on the sand I could feel the difference in the temperature of the sand.  It burned your feet a bit.  After a while on the beach we saw a turtles nest.  We don't think that there was anything in the turtles.

The boys speared a shark .  After we got back from the Love Shack we had a scavenger hunt.  We hopped into groups of 4 and 3 and went looking for things what were around the camp site.  We didn't end up finding all the things we needed to.  Then we went to a beach called Wulawunga which is a beach and a campsite that was given to the Stolen Generation.

Then we went and had some tea.  After that we went down to the beach and the kids showed us some of there dancing it was pretty cool.  Then we played games like I went to the shop.  Then we went to bed :)


We woke up in the morning and get get dressed and pack up camp Bella, Sophia and I couldn't put our tent back in the bag, it was funny.  After we finished all that we got given breakfast.  We put everything in the car and then we went down to the beach.  When we went down to the beach and made sand sculptures.  My group made a sea turtle it looked pretty cool. Then we walked up to the Love Shack and back and checked if there was any turtle eggs in the nest.  Then we walked back to were we were camping.  Then we went to lots of different beaches and fishing spots etc.  When we went to one of the beaches all of the kids were eating oyster.  

We went to a place were the water is really nice it was a teaser because we couldn't swim in the water.  When we got back to the school we went home and had a shower.  I was really dirty because I was wearing a white top and it turned black.  After that we stayed at Jane's house for a bit then went to the pool.  That was really nice in the pool.  Then we went for a walk up the road to dry off.  Then we went back to Jane's house and played game then went to bed.


We woke up in the morning and got ready for the day ahead it was going to be a long day.  When we got to school we got given their school shirts.  When we got to school then we walked over to the women center.  They have lots of nice things there. I brought 2 things from there they are very nice.  

Then we went to the art centre and had a look around. Then we got given paint and brushes. Then we had to go back over to the school for smoko. Then we back to the art centre and finished our art work.  Then when school finished we went to the pool again.  It was really fun because we were play a big game in the pool with lots of people.  We went for a walk up the road to the shop then the park.  We seen lots of people from Pularumpi school. Then we went back home and for tea lots of people can over to Jane's.  


We got up in the morning and got ready.  When we reached school there was an assembly going on.  A man named Patrick stood up and said that all the kids had to do their traditional dancing.  He called out the groups name then people stood up and did their dances they were pretty cool.  After that we had to head over to the airport what was very sad.  They all ended up coming to the airport,  we had to say good bye.  As we hopped into the plane & waved good bye.

Ps. My suitcase got ran over by a car....... :-( but everyone else thought it was funny!!!!
Then we set off to Darwin.  We caught a taxi to where we were staying, then ran our bags inside. Then ran back to the taxi to get lift into the shopping mall. We went to a wave pool what was really fun the wave were really big.  

Then we went to a Crocodile Cove and you got to swim with the crocodiles but you had to be over 15.  So Mr.D and Miss. Cane swam with them.  So we  swam with the baby crocodiles what were cute.  After that we got to hold one of them, they are a lot different then they look their tummies are really soft.

 After we had a look around we went back to the wave pool.  When a wave came I sat on the front of Bella's board and it flipped on us it was so funny.  Then we hopped out of the pool when we had to go and get dressed because the pool was closing. 
We walked around and looked for somewhere to have tea.  Then we saw somewhere nice to go.  When we went inside we saw that it was an all you can eat restaurant.  Sean had a try of an oyster he swollowed it.  About 5 sec late it came back out his mouth haha :).  After we had all eaten tea we went back to where we were staying and stayed up then went to bed.