Yesterday I got up at 6 o'clock ready to go to the airport. When we were in the air it was really cool because of the view and when it went down it felt real weird. When we were in Melbourne Airport and Mr.D and I were trying to find me a new wallet and some other stuff.

Then when we went through security it started to get a bit boring so Mr.D and I played the ipad. After a while our plane had arrived so I watched our luggage go on the plane .   After a while we had to go and get on the plane to darwin. For the first hour and a half I watched Austar then me and All of us apart from Mr.D watched the diary of a wimpy kid that was pretty funny.

Then when it finished there was a hour of the plane trip to go.When we got all our luggage we caught a shuttle bus to the botanic garden hotel.We all got ready and went to a rooftop restaurant we ordered food and it cost us $250 it was really nice. When we got back to our hotel we went for a swim that nice and cool.


Today we got to school and watched Ten Canoes that was really good. Then once it finished we had smoko (recess) then we got in the troopies and went for the camp site. 

Once we got there we built our tents and went to the Love Shack.  At the Love Shack we went spearing and caught a couple of fish. Then we went fishing and caught 2 Gummy Sharks. 

When we were going up and down the beach the sand was really hot so I had to run really fast. When we got back we had a rest and then had a scavenger hunt the boys were first then we went another beach and there was a dead crocodile on the beach and we had a muck around on the beach. 


Today we got up to have breakfast and then we went to have a beach walk we turned back not to far up because some girls legs were sore. 

We then went back and had sand castle building competition my group made a Stingray and we won.  Then we had  packed up and left on the way back we stopped the swimming hole and a couple of beaches then we got back to school we went to Jane's house and had a rest for the afternoon. 

When it was tea time I got attacked by mosquitoes then we went to bed and Mr.D red us some stories.

Today we went to school and gave the kids our sports t-shirts and they gave us there school jumper so that was pretty good.

We had a Skype meeting with the director of Catholic Education and we answered some questions that she asked us and we went to the women's centre and brought some things. 

Then we went to the art centre and got ready to make a picture, then we went back to school to have smoko. Then we went back and finished our pictures after that we went and brought some lunch and went to Janes house and had a rest.  

Today we woke up and packed all our gear and went to the school.

We had an assembly and the indigenous kids did some traditional dancing. Then we went to the airport and said goodbye then we went to Darwin.
 When we picked up all our gear we went to our hotel and got all our gear we needed for the day.     

Then we went to the wave pools that was really fun then we went to croc cove and had an explore.
First we went to look at all the crocs once we did that Miss Cane and Mr.D went in THE CAGE OF DEATH but the crocodiles didn't do much. Then we got our pictures with a small croc then we went swimming with small crocs but there was a big glass sheet between us and the crocs.
Then we went back to the wave pool and for the final set for the day it was a surfing wave. Those ones are the best waves because at the side you get someone to push you and go really far like a surf wave.
Then we went out for tea. We were walking around looking for somewhere to eat and we walked past a nice looking restaurant it was also on the water one so we went in there. It ended up being an all you can eat restaurant.  I tried some prawns and some oyster but I couldn't swallow the oyster. At night time there were lights under the restaurant so all these flat fish started to swim in the water that lit up. 
Then we called the taxi to come pick us up then we went home and I watched the footy till 3 quarter time then I went to sleep.