After weeks of planning what we are going to do and making impressions of what we think Tiwi will be like, it is good to finally be here!!!!!!
On Sunday night, after hours of plane traveling, it was good to finally be in Darwin. We went to dinner and (I'm still shocked that Mr. D spent $250.00 on our dinner) then had a swim in the pools  at our hotel.
We got up at 5.30 this morning and it is getting harder to tell if mr.d is telling us the truth or trying to trick us (we have to ask miss. Cane). 
We caught the ferry at 7am and the closer we got to the islands the more exited I got :-). The pularumpi kids and Jane picked us up at  Paru and then we took a drive to the Tiwi College and went and swam at their waterfall. It was really nice to go in the cool water. 
Once we got to the pularumpi school we went and had a tour around pularumpi and then we handed out the caps that said Tasmania to the grade six/sevens. 
We have had a walk around the town, went down to the beach ( not to swim!)  and had a swim in the pool. We are now getting ready for the blue light disco which is tonight and should be fun!!!
Ps. I still haven't seen a crocodile!!! 

 Today we have been at pitjamirra (another beach in Melville island) and we are camping here tonight. We saw a dead crocodile at one of the beaches we visited but I still haven't seen an alive one yet!!!!! We went to the love shack and had some fruit, watched the boys fish, and went for walks on the beach. It was really nice at the love shack because of the shade, and the beach was right in front of it ( even though we didn't go swimming, it was nice to look at and the breeze was good). 
We went for a scavenger hunt and I discovered what a sand dollar is, they are really cool!!!     At night time we had a campfire on the beach and the Pularumpi kids did some dances.
Then we went back to the camp area and had some damper and Milo  and then we went to bed :-)
This morning we woke up, packed up and went for a walk on the beach. We had  sand sculpting time, some boys fished with the spears and the girls looked in a hole thing for turtle eggs. I saw a crab with an egg sack on the beach. 
We then went to another beach and all the Pularumpi kids went and got oysters off the rocks. I didn't try one but Sean, Mr. D and Miss Cane tried one!!!!! When we got back to Jane's house some people went for swims and have gone for walks but it has been a nice relaxing afternoon!!!
We just got back from the sunset. It looked amazing but it came and gone very quickly. We went down to the beach and waited for about ten minutes for the sun to set, and make the sky go pink, and once we took a few photos the sunset went!!!!!!
Today we went to the art centre and the woman's centre. At the art centre I painted a painting of a turtle and I couldn't believe how good the Pularumpi kid's paintings were. They took their time and did the dots well but when I tried I just got frustrated!!
I was also amazed with the fabric and clothes at the woman's centre. They carve a pattern into a tile and then paint the tile,  then they press the tile onto the fabric, and they look really cool!!!!
Also today, Mr. D, Jane, Sean and I went and got supplies off the barge. Seeing as the people on these islands don't have Coles and other stores like that, they order everything they want online and then the barge brings what they want, once a week. 
We also walked up to the park and saw some of the kids from Pularumpi school that we knew. So we talked to them and took photos and that was good seeing as we are leaving the Tiwi islands tomorrow:-( Maybe we could move up here???
We are just about to have a party to celebrate the fact that the week has gone well, to thank the people who have helped during the week and to say goodbye to us :-) 
Another cool thing about today was that the grade six/seven kids gave us their school tops and we gave them ours. They are really cool tops!!!!!

When we got to the school this morning Patrick told us that the school was going to do something special before we leave. Then he got the whole school to go into their skin groups and then he got them to do their traditional dances. It was really great to see all the dances and that some of them did the dances seriously and did them really well. 
Then we drove to the airport and watched Demi's bag get run over by a troopie. I thought it was funny...... We had to get weighed and weigh our bags and them we hugged everyone and hopped on the plane........  
When we arrived at Darwin airport we dropped our bags off at the hotel, and Mr.D gave us 3 minutes to pack a day pack. Then we got dropped off at the Darwin mall and did a bit of shopping and had some lunch. 

We were very hot by that stage so we decided to go to the wave pool. Then we we went to Crocodiles Cove and we swam with baby crocs,  held a baby croc, and watched Miss Cane and Mr.D go in the ' Cage of Death'. Then we went back to the wave pool. 

Then we went out to dinner and Sean tried to eat an oyster for the first time - you can see the movie at our presentation night. . Then we went back to the hotel.