Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pularumpi trip

The trip was amazing I loved it . Their culture was a lot different to our culture. They eat some foods that we don't, when we were on our camp we went down to the beach and the kids always took the spears with them. Instead of bad dog they say cheeky dog and wild horses run around and your not allowed to tame them. The way they shop is they order their things online and then it comes on a big barge.

My favorite part was when we went camping because we got to see how they fish and how they find turtle eggs even though we didn't get to try any. We got to see some beaches that were nice then we got to go see the swimming hole, but didn't go swimming because there's a crocodile there.

I made some friends up there. The people are very nice up there as well so that's probably why I made some friends with the kids.

It wasn't what I thought it would be I thought it would be less populated than it was, and all the food shops over there close at 4:30 . There wasn't anything that gave me a culture shock.

The biggest part of my trip was getting there and meeting them and then getting used to how they live and then having to go home.

My trip was awesome and all the experiences were awesome. That I got a chance to go was even better. I really want to go up there again if I get the chance.

My Reflection :D

I really enjoyed the trip. I liked meeting new people, experiencing the Tiwi Islanders culture and finally seeing the people from the Pularumpi school because we have chatted to them on Skype since term 1.

My favourite part of the trip was spending time with the Pularumpi kids. We went camping with them and that is when we got to know them most. I liked going camping and going down to the "Love Shack".

All the people we met in the Tiwi Islands were really nice to us and seeing as there was a population of approximately 300/400 people everyone knew we were coming and called us 'The Tassie mob". I made lots of new friends. Especially the girls.

It was not exactly what I thought it would be. I imagined the town to be a lot smaller and the Islands to be smaller.

I really enjoyed the trip and am happy that I got the chance to go :) I definitely want to go back up to the Tiwi Islands one day -hopefully soon !!!
I really enjoyed the trip it was a great experience seeing the different cultures. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. The people over in the Tiwi Islands are all very nice.

My favourite part of the trip was when we got to meet everyone and going around to lots of different places to have a look. I think it's very cool how everything is in reach and that the town is altogether.

Everyone was really nice. People would stop and say hello and have a good chat with you, which was nice. Yes, I made lots of new friends when I was over there mostly with the girls.

The culture was a lot different than I was thinking it was going to be, but in a good way. There wasn't a lot of people over there, but that was cool because they all knew we was coming over.

Also there were lots of horses and dogs running around, I never knew they would have that many dogs around. I also never knew that they would have wild horses, so that surprised me.

There was only one thing that gave me a culture shock that was all the animals around the town.

The biggest part of my trip was when we got to meet everyone and just going over to to see everything. I really would like to go back to the Tiwi Islands soon.

Reflection On Tiwi

The trip was amazing! I loved everything about it and it truly was an amazing experience and I really did enjoy it. The culture change wasn't that big of a difference but it was different to what we were used to. It wasn't actually what I thought it would be, I had imagined it differently.

Some of the major differences were that they caught fish with spears regularly and they didn't wear shoes most of the time. And also there was wild horses that lived on the island and they couldn't keep them as pets!

My favourite part of the trip was probably when we went camping. I learnt lots of different things and we had a great time when they were showing us their dances on the beach. I made friends with most of the girls, they were very welcoming and friendly. Also, when we walked to the shop, people always said hello and they were very friendly.

But it was just as amazing! I had thought that some things would give me a shock in their culture but there wasn't anything that gave me a huge shock. Except when we saw the dogs, that was a bit of a shock because some of them weren't in a very good condition but I suppose that is just their culture and they don't have a vet on the island.

The biggest part of the trip was just the shock of actually meeting the kids and Jane! We had been talking to them for so long on Skype but we actually got to meet them!